Assorted BoozyCakes
Gift Box

8 pieces


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Our gift box has four delicious BoozyCakes flavors of you will enjoy with friends (or alone). Great for your parties, weddings and baby showers or whatever event you throw. A perfect companion for your celebrations with love.

 2xGood,it's Nuts

Our Cakes

  • "Joy""Joy"

    Caribbean Fruit Cake

  • Amiga

    Pina Colada

  • Horny

    Raspberry Chocolate

  • Good,it's Nuts

    Ginger Nuts

  • Have a new experience from a scrumpious traditional Jamaican family's recipe. Try me, You're gonna love it.

    Rum/ Red wine/ Raisin/ Prune/ Black currant/ Maraschino cherry/ Flour/ Butter/ Egg/ Salt/ Baking powder/ Orange zest/ Ceylon cinnamon/ Ginger powder/ Nutmeg/ Lemon juice/ Burnt sugar syrup/ Brown sugar

  • Close your eyes, and take bite of this delicious, all natural concoction.Feeling like your're on a summer vacation? It's like having good times with your favorite person in a tropical paradaise.

    Rum/ Pineapple / Coconut milk/ Lemon juice/ Orange zest/ Cornmeal /Flour /Brown sugar/ Chili powder/ Japanese pepper/ Egg/ Butter/ Salt/ Baking powder

  • Leave on bedside table for nightcap snack. Release that relaxing energy wave. "Feeeeel It."

    Framboise liqueur/ Kirsch/ Chocolate (65% Cacao)/ Raspberry/ Brown sugar/ Almond powder/ Butter/ Egg/ Salt/ Orange zest/ Ceylon cinnamon

  • Open up and get ready for an exciting & stimulating flavor.Ginger blowing your mind.

    Amarula cream/ Whisky/ Ginger/ Walnut/ Almond/ Pecan/ Flour/ Butter/ Egg/ Salt/ Baking powder/ Orange zest/ Lemon peel/ Ceylon cinnamon/ Maple syrup